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The List

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Cast:Malcolm McDowell,Chuck Carrington,Will Patton,Pat Hingle

Director:Gary Wheeler


Year: 2007


After his father's sudden death, Renny Jacobson's (Chuck Carrington) only inheritance is an interest in something called the Covenant List of South Carolina. He soon discovers that all those connected with the list inherit both untold fortune -- and an ancient curse. Bound to the Covenant by blood, Renny fights to escape his evil destiny.

The List is a Christian based film about good versus evil, the film itself is adapted from the novel by Robert Whitlow and of course it's not as involved as the novel is it still manages to capture the main idea and deliver it well on screen. This is a small-budget Independent film but you would not know that by looking at it, the production from its sets to location to cinematography is truly magnificent. Also in order to pull a pull off like this that really relies on it's characters you need a cast that can bring them to life and Director Gary Wheeler made all the rights choices with Malcolm McDowell and Chuck Carrington playing to main leads as well as Pat Hingle and Will Patton who really brings emotion to his role. The List is not without it's flaws, one I felt was that it could of delivered the Christian message without trying so hard towards the end of the film. Still I found the movie to be engaging and at times even thrilling. At it's core we all can relate to the film's challenges and choices that the people in this film made. If your looking for a god film that is different from what you see in mainstream today pick this title up, you not be disappointed. Released by 20th Century Fox home entertainment. **** Out Of *****