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War/Drama Rated R. After American fighter pilot Ted Brice (Bill Paxton) is shot down on a reconnaissance mission over occupied Belgium, local underground members hide him in a secret room belonging to a resistance leader and his wife (Julia Ormond). As she nurses the injured pilot back to health, the two slowly fall in love. But when the affair is uncovered, a shocking act of betrayal threatens them and the resistance movement, forcing the officer to make a choice that will change their lives and the very course of the war in this epic tale of courage, passion and sacrifice. This 2003 film finally makes it's debut to dvd and it's well worth the wait. Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond both give their best performances in years and the story is engaging and very believable which is important in a film such as this. The cinematography and settings are fantastic as the as the score and the supporting cast. I was totally drawn into this film till the very end of what was an excellent drama set in war-torn Belgium. I suggest that if you like the genre you pick this title up today as it's an engrossing film that is sure to please. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. **** Out Of *****