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Nobody Loves Alice

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Cast:Nitzan Mager, Phillip Ward, Amanda Taylor, Elise Rodriguez, John Rushton, Jessie Cobb

Director:Roger A. Scheck


Year: 2008


Alice is a secretary at a new job and has no problem fitting in and finding a few new friends right away. What's not to like about her, she is cute and shy but Alice did not have your typical childhood, she came from an abusive home and now she hides many demons inside her. Alice never felt she was loved the way she understood it to be and not her obsession with it has turn into a twisted fantasy.

First time Director Roger Schek has taken an old horror standard(think Misery) and flipped it upside down. The budget here was shoe-string to say the least but Roger has taken all he had available to him and create a film that plays much bigger than it should. He used a lot of acting students in this film but believe me when I tell you they all do a terrific job. They could not have found a better actress even in Hollywood to play Alice than the beautiful and extremely talented Nitzan Mager, I see a bright future for this woman if her debut performance is a hint of what is to come. Also the lead actor, Phillip Ward who has done some acting before is perfect as the man that is drawn into her sinister world. Do not think this is another "torture-porn" film because it's not even close. Director Roger Schek has written and directed a horror film that doesn't rely on gore alone, this is a character driven film that slowly builds as it introduces it's characters and let's you into their world. The pacing is excellent and the cinematography is nothing short of amazing considering the budget here. I found myself smiling at Alice's shy and cute manner at times and then only to be shock at her violent side moments later. Nobody Loves Alice is a Psychological Horror film that will have you at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. I cannot wait to see what Mr. Schek does next, this is one Director I will be on the look out for as well as the amazing talent of his young cast. I highly recommend buying this DVD not only to support Independent cinema but this is easily one of the better movies I have seen in the genre in some time. Also after seeing this you will be sure to tell all your friends about this amazing debut that is full of realistic tension and gore and offers some fantastic thrills and chills. I could go on about the film's plot and happenings but that only ruin what is a highly entertaining thrill ride. Released by Indie-Pictures. Be sure to Pre-Order this film