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Cast:William Atherton, Lin Shaye, James Duval, and Marnette Patterson

Director:York Shackleton


Year: 2008


When a group of young L.A. drug dealers fails to collect $30,000 from an addict, they scheme to kidnap the man's young brother until he pays. But as their easy-money plan unravels, so, too, do their loyalties and relationships.

It seems like the older drug related films with a bit of humor in them to lighten the mood are long gone. Kush is a film about a Kush dealer and delivers on all the grim realities that come with being involved in this world and it doesn't matter if your buying or selling cause either way your heading now a bad path. The film has many scenes which are very hard to watch, let me state again this is a hard-hitting wake up call but I give credit to director York Shackleton's for refusing not to sugarcoat this edgy drama and show the grim realities of the Southern California drug trade. The cast is terrific and they all bring a real feeling to their character's including. Bret Roberts, William Atherton and Mike Erwin. Some might say this is a film like "Alpha Dog" but this is not as commercial and is much more realistic. The film takes awhile to get going as time is spent on introducing the characters which is very important in a film such as this. Kush not only hits home on the effects of getting involved in drugs but it teaches a lesson as well on just saying "No" which to me makes this hard-nosed drama a winner and credit must go out to the entire cast and crew for making such a powerful film. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****