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Cast:Patrick Belton, Mary Thornton, Ronna Orenne

Director:Pi Ware and Susan Kraker


Year: 2002


Soledad, the desert artist who accompanies Hilary home, hopes this trip will be the start of their new life together. The 'fun and games' in which Louis and Hilary involve Soledad are a lacerating look at their twisted relationship. Louis has something Hilary desperately needs, and Hilary has something Louis cannot live without. Both will fight to the death not to give it to each other. In their family, this is called love.

The husband and wife team of Pi Ware and Susan Kraker have created a psychological drama on a Independent budget that out shines many big budget films like it. There's not really any one thing that makes this film so brilliant, the cast of unknowns are magnificent and really bring out their complex characters. The writing is something to behold, the script has so much going on and nothing is wasted, there's twists around every corner that keeps you on the edge of your seat to the shocking ending that will leave your jaw hanging. Solitude is a story of three people living on the edge, dysfunctional maybe, amazing yes. I highly recommend this film as a showcase of how a great film can be made on limited resources when everyone involved is as talented and devoted as this crew was. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****