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Valentina's Tango

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Cast:Dianna Miranda, George Perez

Director:Rogelio Lobato


Year: 2007


A womans decent into maddness by love. Family and loved ones try to save her but but are sucked into the maddness with her.

This is a steamy,erotic film that will surely attract those that enjoy this kind of film, the kind that shows up on late time pay-TV. But there's also more to this film than just that, sure this is an adult-themed film but there's also some dark humor,drama and thriller in the mix as well. This film was both directed and written by Rogelio Lobato and he has done a fantastic job creating a film that successes where most like it have failed in the past. The cast is very good and the dance scenes are amazing and just fun to watch. I can see this film being popular on DVD with all the dance themed shows on TV. The film mixing all it's elements just right and uses it's dark humor well not letting the film become too heavy or other wise boring. MTI Video seems to always come up with movies that are at least entertaining and this one is no different. Valentina's Tango is a light thriller that never takes itself too serious allowing the viewer to just sit back and have a good time. If you are into the new dance craze of just looking for something different to watch then this will more than fill the bill. Released by MTI Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****