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Street Racer

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Cast:Clint Browning, Dorothy Drury, Robert Pike Daniel

Director:Teo Konuralp


Year: 2008


After serving time for a tragic accident, in which a young boy is crippled, an illegal street racer finds himself dragged back into the world of high speed competition on the side streets and highways of Los Angeles.

I can see it now, all the "Haters" out there saying this is a "Speed Racer" rip-off but this time they would be fooled. Street Racer is in fact nothing like "Speed" but if you would compare it to any film then it's more along the lines of "The Fast and the Furious". The film is directed by Teo Konuralp who last made Solid low budget sci-fi action flick "Feedback", he does a great job that mixing the dram with the action scenes as well as tossing in some humor along the way to lighten the mood. The cast of mostly unknowns all do a fantastic job playing their roles, Clint Browning was very good as Johnny, a young man trying to go straight while facing his past demons. Those that love movies about racing will find this the most entertaining but the story also has enough real drama to make for an enjoyable film outside the cars. The film had a great pace and I also found the ending to not only set the movie off but I loved one part of it as you will see for yourself. I have to say I enjoyed this film in both the action scenes and it it's story, a nice job by all involved and a good change of pace from the normal film's The Asylum releases. *** 1/2 Out Of *****