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Grizzly Park

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Cast:Glenn Morshower, Kavan Reece, Shedrack Anderson III,Randy Wayne

Director:Tom Skull


Year: 2007


As part of a new rehabilitation program, eight troubled young adults are sent to serve a week of community service in a remote California state forest range called Grizzly Park. Under the supervision of the stalwart Ranger Bob, the troubled group is given an opportunity to seek redemption on their journey through the forest. While Ranger Bob seeks to provide both literal and spiritual guidance to the youngsters, an escaped serial killer with an insatiable bloodlust has also found his way into the park with every intention of disposing of anyone in his path. But he is not the only lethal hunter in these woods.

There's been a number of movies released to video recently about a wild bear attacking people and most are just a way to pass a little time so I wasn't really expecting a lot from this one either. After watching it I think this was one of the better in it's genre, the cast was decent enough with the material they had to work with here. I liked the idea of not only having the grizzly but also the escaped convict as well which made the film a bit more interesting. As we all know,if you seen one of these film's you have seen them all but Grizzly Park was not bad at all, it kept me entertained for most of the film and even in the slow parts which there all a few I still managed to keep interested. One think I felt was that the film could of used some more gore, it's not until 3/4 of the way into the movie that the carnage really kicks in but I suggest the budget was to blame for that. Over-all this was a decent film that I recommend to any fan of the genre, I could think of a lot worse things you could do to kill an hour and a half. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. *** Out Of *****