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Phenomena: Special Edition

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Cast:Jennifer Connelly, Donald Pleasence

Director:Dario Argento


Year: 1985


In Switzerland, the teenager Jennifer Corvino, daughter of a famous actor, arrives in an expensive board school and shares her room with the French schoolmate Sophie. Jennifer is a sleepwalker, is capable of telepathically communicate with insects and has adaptation problem in the new school. While sleepwalking, she meets and becomes friend of a Scottish entomologist, Prof. John McGregor, and his chimpanzee Tonga. Jennifer decides to help the investigation of Dr. McGregor about a serial killer that is killing young girls in that area. When her friend Sophie disappears and Dr. McGregor is killed, the scared Jennifer decides to call her lawyer and return to Los Angeles. She is invited to stay in the house of Frau Brückner waiting for her flight, but the serial killer is already chasing her.

This is the second title from the Dario Argento Collection that will also be released separate as well. This is one of Argento's most bizarre films, filled with crazy characters, insects and images that really bring the experience to another level. The cast was very good include a young Jennifer Connelly and the always fantastic Donald Pleasence. Again this is another horror gem from of the masters and this Special Edition is a must own. The Special Features include:

Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs

A Dark Fairy Tale

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Dario Argento, Special Make-Up Effects Artist Sergio Stivaletti, Music Composer Claudio Simonetti and Journalist Loris Curci

Bill Wyman Music Video ("Valley")

Claudio Simonetti Music Video ("Jennifer")

Dario Argento Bio

Dario Argento On The Joe Franklin Show

Luigi Cozzi & The Art Of Macrophotography


Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****