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Masters of Horror: Right to Die

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Horror NR. Late at night on a lonely country road, Cliff Addison (Martin Donovan of THE DEAD ZONE and WEEDS) and his wife Abby are involved in a fiery car wreck that leaves Cliff unhurt and his wife hideously burned. As Abby lies comatose, kept alive only by life support, her charred spirit seeks vengeance on those who profit from her plight including a slick attorney (Corbin Bernsen). Amidst a storm of angry relatives and pushy reporters, a controversial issue is about to take a horrific turn: Even if Cliff can now find a way to keep his wife alive, will a monstrous secret condemn him to a living hell forever? Rob Schmidt to some might not of been a good choice to direct an episode of Master of Horror after his 2003 film "Wrong Turn" but after watching this I think it is one of the better episodes that I have seen so far in season two. The basic plot and characters really set up for what could be a good film but once the horror element took over this becomes a gory,suspenseful and very effective horror film. At times very creepy, this film does not let up the full 56 minutes and is even mixed with some humor along the way just in the right places to lighten the mood. But over-all this is an intense horror film and one that stands out as the best so far at least that I have seen. I recommend you picking this title up today and adding it to your collection. Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainemt. **** 1/2 Out Of *****