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Zakland: The Shiny Surprise

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Cast:Amanda Lee,Zak Morgan

Director:Jay Silverman


Year: 2008


Grammy nominated Zak Morgan takes you on a magical journey into a musical world called ZakLand. There we learn the power of imagination and that anything is possible if you try hard and believe in yourself.

This is another wonderful DVD for kids, Zakland follows the adventures of Zak and his friends: Marty the Bullfrog, Uncle Hank, the Can-Can Twins, and lots of kids. What makes this title so entertaining and fun for kids is the fact that you get a wonderful mix of live-action and music mixed with puppets that give it a "Dr. Seuss" feel. Zak Morgan is a Grammy nominated , children's entertainer for good reason. He puts together a wonderful display as well as giving some positive messages and lessons to our your ones. This is a must-own DVD for any parent with little children and one they will get hours and hours of fun from and it will also inspire them to learn and be the best person they can me as long as they believe in themselves. Released by PorchLight Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****