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Puppy Plays The Classics

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Year: 2008

Introduce your child to classical music from a puppy point of view! Meet Ollie, the irresistibly cute pup who always sniffs out adventure. In the first of the series, PUPPY PLAYS THE CLASSICS, Ollie and his puppy friends take viewers on a fantastic journey inspired by classical music, all while learning valuable life lessons. With an exciting score of classical favorites by MOZART, TCHAIKOVSKY, SCHUBERT, WAGNER and more!

This is a entertaining and clever way to introduce all little children to classical music, plus there's some nice and positive messages sent out as well like it's not what you look like on the outside that matters but what you are like on the inside. Kids will be sure to find this irresistible with it catchy music and the puppies used in this video are about as cute as your going to find. Even as an adult I found this pleasant to watch, the music was soothing and yes I got a soft spot for cute,cuddly animals as well. This is a must-own for parents that have little children, they are sure to get endless hours of entertainment from this and they will learn some valuable lessons along the way. Released by HBO Family. ***** Out Of *****

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