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Blind Eye

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Cast:Nick Mancuso,Roddy Piper,Levi Oliver.

Director:Mark McNabb


Year: 2006


Blind Eye is about a group of friends from a small town. Nick becomes a 'big city' cop with a cavalier style. Jay remains the 'small town' cop. Rudy and Tim end up on the wrong side of the legal tracks. When Nick's estranged wife calls him needing his help to find their missing daughter, Nick comes home to aid in the investigation and he discovers that there's more to the disappearance than his 'friends' are letting on. Soon they discover that betrayal was their first mistake.

Blind is a low budget thriller that could of been so much better had it had a little better cast for it lead characters. I am not saying the cast is horrible but most are just average at best and the film would of been much better otherwise. The story is what saves the film, it's well-written and not only has some good drama but enough action as well to please any fan of the genre. The cast like I said is the weak link but there is some good acting here, Levi Oliver plays the film's main character in Nick and for his first time as acting it is pretty impressive considering he had to play a lead role. Also you gotta love any film with Roddy Piper in it and Nick Mancuso is always good and here is no different even in a limited role. There's also another first here, this is Mark McNabb's first time behind the camera and he did a fantastic job with what he had to work with, he kept the film moving at an excellent pace and did a great job mixing the action with the drama. The film has no real twists or turns but it is interesting enough to make you want to stick around long enough to find out what happens. Blind Eye makes for an entertaining hour and a half so I recommend this to any fan of the genre or to anyone just looking for something different to watch. Released by MTI Home Video. *** Out Of *****

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