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Military Intelligence and You!

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Cast:Patrick Muldoon, Elizabeth Bennett, John Rixey Moore, Eric Jungmann, Mackenzie Astin

Director:Dale Kutzera


Year: 2006


In a hilarious spoof of WWII training films, Lt. Monica Tasty (Elizabeth Bennett, TV's Point Pleasant) and Maj. Nick Reed (Patrick Muldoon, Repo, Starship Troopers) defend all things American—the escalator, TV dinners, popcorn, and the Panama Canal—by demonstrating the important role military intelligence plays in "distinguishing dangerous enemies from merely annoying foreigners."

Pulling from old stock footage found circa WWII and blending it together with new material makes this maybe not original but it sure is refreshing and highly entertaining. The film comes with it's very own Narrator and if that seems like it might be down right annoying think again, he is actually the film's main character in a sense and adds a lot to the movie including some very big laughs. The cast is excellent and the film also features some old faces like Ronald Reagan and many other faces from the good old days of cinema. Writer / director Dale Kutzera, a TV veteran marking his big-screen debut, does a fantastic job blending all the sources together to make for one the funniest,laugh-out load movies I have seen in some time. The film also picks it's spot to comment on what is happening today in our world, truly a classic film that is not to be missed.The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

U.S. Army Air Force¹s First Motion Picture Unit Documentary

Letterbox Presentation

5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound

Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****