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Speed Racer the Next Generation - The Beginning

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Year: 2008


A young teen name Speed who enters a racing school. He has a mysterious past and the only thing left behind from his parents with speed racer's red bandana and a car key that has the color of the M5. He has no idea who his parents are and the only thing he has is the urge for racing like speed racer. He is constantly harassed by X (who claims to be speed racer's son) and his friends. Though he will soon prove them all wrong on the race track when he shows off some amazing moves that only speed racer was capable of.

I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the original series, not that it isn't a classic but it just never caught my eye for some reason or another so sitting down to watch this new chapter in the Speed Racer legacy I did not know what to expect but to my surprise I really enjoyed this. I loved the new cutting-edge animation used, which was inspired by the old series by the way. The story isn't mind-blowing but it is entertaining enough and even uses some of today's topics like a gasless engine. The voice actors are very good here and the story flows very well keeping an excellent pace. I enjoyed this more than I did the original series but that's just me but I do think any fan of the original series will also find this to be a very entertaining film and series which airs on Nick Toons every Friday night as well as being a great lead up to the movie hitting theaters on May 9th. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****