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Good Girl Bad Girl

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Cast: Nick Brimble,Michael Culver,Graham McTavish,Ross Boatman

Director: Sebastian Vigg


Year: 2007

Rating: R

A club dancer and con artist called Vanessa who inadvertently gets mixed up in, and framed for a murder. She goes on the run from the drug dealers/murderers and the police, with a fortune in diamonds. She visits her twin sister called Maria who is the Prioress of a convent and then a comedy of errors starts with the sister being mistaken for Vanessa, and Vanessa for her sister Maria.

This film originally aired on German Television but you would never know it as it has some excellent production values. There's plenty of action including car chases,explosions and fights along with very funny humor. The pace is excellent as well and the cast is a mix of British and German actors but all do a fantastic job here. I found this to be a very entertaining hour and a half that never from it's opening scene till the climax. Fan's of action and comedy will want to pick this title up, it's worth the rental price. Released by Maverick Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****