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David Beckham: Life of an Icon

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Cast: David Beckham


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

The only man on the planet capable of securing a headline-grabbing $250 million contract then returning to lead England to victory when naysayers had him slated for retirement! With commentary from players and pundits pictures and footage from the climaxes and crucial challenges of his career so far and exclusive family photos David Beckham Life Of an Icon shows how he s achieved it all. Features Beckham s greatest moments including: England vs. Greece in the heated World Cup Qualifying match his recall for England vs. Brazil and Real Madrid s electrifying La Liga championship campaign.

Beckham was an international sports superstar long before signing a deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, he has reached stardom level most athletes can only dream of reaching. Even if your not a fan of the sport this is both a inspiring and also entertaining look at this man's career. There highlights of some of his greatest moment in the sport as well as interviews with those that not only loved him but hated him as well. As far as sport film's go this one has to be ranked among the better of them, the film really digs deep and tells the amazing story of Beckham's rise to fame and his down falls as well. Any sport fan will want to pick this title up as well as those that just enjoy watching a documentary on a celeb's life. David Beckham: Life of an Icon is an amazing look at one of the most celebrated star's in the world and one worth owning on DVD today. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****