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Headless Horseman

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Cast: Billy Aaron Brown,Richard Moll,Elvin Dandel

Director(s): Anthony C. Ferrante


Year: 2007

Rating: R

College friends en route to a party find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere when they take a wrong turn and land in the uncharted town of Wormwood. As if that weren't weird enough, they're also being chased by a killer who's lost his head. According to local legend, an insane man was decapitated 100 years ago on Halloween, and now, he's back to claim the heads of seven strangers as he's done every seven years since.

For the most part movies that appear on the SciFi Channel are hit or miss, some being bad and others be pretty good considering the much lower budget. Headless Horseman is one that falls into the good category in fact it's one of the SciFi Channel's better movies as far as production goes. The story is straight forward, no big surprises in the way of plot twists or anything and there's really not much suspense here but you get what you see here. The affects are well done considering the resources and the cast of young actors were are believable. I am a sucker for a low-budget horror film and this to me was a fun film, nothing life changing but very enjoyable. If your looking for a light and enjoyable horror film that you can have fun watching then I recommend picking this title up today.