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Cast: Bronagh Gallagher,Frankie McCafferty,David Wilmot,Mick Lally,Gerard McSorley

Director(s): Brian Kirk


Year: 2006

Rating: Unrated

Reverend Gabriel Hunter (Matthew Macfadyen – Pride & Prejudice ) is shocked when he returns home to Middletown to find the townspeople involved in cockfighting, brawling, gambling and all manner of vice. Determined to save their souls, Gabriel comes down hard on the villagers, scolding them from the pulpit and demanding that they change their sinful ways. Not expecting the resentful rebellion he faces from his own brother Jim (Daniel Mays – Atonement ), Gabriel’s religious zeal grows ever more extreme in this dark and explosive thriller.

Middletown is a Gothic Thriller that succeeds on many levels, the title suggest this could be set in any town in Ireland during the 50's which is fine because it's not the town that is important here, it's the characters and the struggle between two brothers. This is Director Brian Kirk's first time at making a feature film and he has done an outstanding job at creating the atmosphere and building the tension slowly, drawing the audience into the movie. Middletown is a film that is rich in character and has a interesting and a story that demands your attention and the payoff is while worth the time spent. Special Features include Cast Profiles and Trailer. Released by BFS Entertainment. **** Out Of *****