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Back in Business

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Cast: Chris Barrie,Brian Blessed,Stephen Greif,Togo Igawa,Martin Kemp

Director(s): Chris Munro


Year: 2007

Rating: Unrated

The space race has been dominated for decades by two rival superpowers, but just when they thought they were alone, a new force has arrived. Britain has developed an amazing space exploration buggy that might solve the planets energy problems. But will Britain's greatest achievement become one conman's finest hour? Will Spencer (Martin Kemp) and his right hand man/master of disguise (Chris Barrie) will re-unite alongside Will's niece Fiona (Joanna Taylor) head of marketing at the British Space Centre, and Travis (Stefan Booth), Tom's accident-prone son, in a series of comical misadventures spanning across the United Kingdom and beyond! In this fun family movie, our unlikely heroes will create a plan the likes of which the world has never before seen, to steal what every government wants. And the only person that stands in their way is Scotland Yard's worst detective (Dennis Waterman). Together they will use the UK's highly developed space technology to outsmart the world's most powerful ambassadors, and ultimately help put the 'Great' back into Great Britain.

For starters it's nice to see Martin Kemp back in a movie again, Kemp plays Will Spencer, working alongside his old partner, master of disguise Tom Marks and his spectacularly incompetent son, Travis. Their ace in the hole, however, is Will's niece Fiona, who works at the British Space Centre, where they've just developed a space buggy that could help solve planet's energy and ecological problems. This group of misfits and insiders plan to put themselves at the centre of Britain's major scientific breakthrough. Only Dennis Waterman as Jarvis,the Inspector Clouseau of Scotland Yard can stop them. I have to admit British cinema is hit and miss with me but I did enjoy this one for what it is, a fun family type caper that is well-paced and it has some very good humor along the way as well as an excellent cast. Back in Business is not a film if your looking for something meaningful but if you just want some like entertainment and something to make you smile and laugh then this will do the trick. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Behind the Scenes

Audio Commentary

Story Board to Film Comparison

Poster Design Flip Chart

Production Team Interview

Poor Manís Process Commentary

Music Commentary

Director, Producer and Cast Interviews

Stills Gallery


Released by BFS Entertainment. *** Out Of *****