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The Sensation of Sight

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Cast: David Strathairn,Ian Somerhalder,Daniel Gillies,Jane Adams,Ann Cusack

Director(s): Aaron J. Wiederspahn


Year: 2006

Rating: N/A

Finn, an introspective English teacher entering a mid-life crisis impelled by a recent tragedy, as he sets afoot selling encyclopedias to the town locals well trying to find meaning.

This is Writer/Director's Aaron J. Wiederspahn debut film, my question is how will he or can he top this? I hope we get to see the answer soon as this is a film-maker with exceptional talent. The story is a realistic look at a group of people who are trying to communicate their grief and loss as the look for the answer themselves. There's a lot going on in this film and I am afraid that most people that just love the big budget movies today will lose interest early and that would be just too bad. The film is complex and for me to break it down or even give any of the plot away would ruin it for anyone looking forward to seeing this film. Filmed in a very short period of time on a low budget just makes it more extraordinary, everything from the music to the cinematography here is just breath-taking. The cast is amazing, David Strathairn is Finn, a man who goes around selling encyclopedias not the whole set but 1 book at a time in search of the meaning of why a tragic event happened, I have never seen him better. If you seen his magnificent role in "Steel Toes" then you are in for a real treat here, as an actor he can say so low yet so much just with his body language,an amazing actor. The rest of the cast is just as good including Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Gillies. Sensation is a film that rewards it's audience and one that demands repeat viewings as each time you see it you are going to take something more away from it, I know I will be watching this again very soon. Monterey Media has is known for releasing films that touch the viewer in some way or another and this one is a prime example of it. The Sensation of Sight is an Independent film with a huge heart, a real gem in cinema rarely found today. Monterey will be releasing the film in late summer during a Art-House run and followed by a winter DVD release. I suggest keeping your eyes peeled for this to come to your area and if it does go see it, it it a fantastic piece of film-making from all involved. A complex film that demands your attention as it slowly unfolds but what it gives back is something rarely seen today so do not miss this film. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****