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Three Days to Vegas

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Cast: Peter Falk (TV’s “Columbo Series” Undisputed, Corky Romano, Made), George Segal (TV’s “Just Shoot Me” “Law & Order:Special Victims Unit” “The Naked Truth”), Rip Torn (Bee Movie, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Men In Black 1 & 2, Wonder Boys and TV’s “T

Director(s): Charlie Picerni


Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

Four grumpy old men go on a road trip from their retired life in Florida to the excitement of Las Vegas in order to stop one of their daughters from marrying the wrong guy.

Call me a sucker for this kind of film but I think Hollywood needs to allow more of the older actors to work ad I do believe there is an audience out there that will go to see them as well. This film follows in the footsteps of others like it including, "Grumpy Old Men" and "Bucket List", this may not have as much of the creative spirit as those two but this is still a entertaining film. One reason this is so enjoyable is it's cast, for starters Peter Falk is always fantastic at this type of role and once again he really is a joy to watch. Rip Torn is also a delight, he seems to play his role as if he was born to play it. The other members including George Segal and Bill Cobbs are fun to watch as well. Together they are fun to watch and play off each other perfectly, it seems they really had fun making this film and I for one was able to feed off them and enjoy the film that much more. The story is sweet and has that certain charm but it's not without it's flaws and it is also predictable but even with all that I still found it to be not only funny but very entertainment if not for the cast alone. I recommend this to any fan of the movies I mentioned above or just to anyone looking for something light yet funny with being offensive. Hats off to the cast and crew, the looked like they had a ball making this movie and I had one watching it. Released by First Look Studios. **** Out Of *****