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Mist: The Tale Of A Sheepdog Puppy

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Cast: Brian Blessed,Derek Jacobi

Director(s): Richard Overall


Year: 2006

Rating: G

On Borough Farm in Devon there are eight hundred sheep, one shepherd and seven wonderful sheepdogs. The brightest and bravest of them is Mist. Mist was born on a foggy night four years ago. Since then Mist has become a hardworking and very clever sheepdog who can sort out just about any sticky situation on the farm, but she doesn't have to do all of the work on her own. There's her mum Gail, her wise auntie Swift, bonkers uncle Jake, tough gruff Ernie, and sharp-tongued Fern. Even the bouncy puppy Eddie can lend a paw. Welcome to Mist's world, where you can discover more about her sheepdog tales, find out what Mist and her friends are doing right now, and even how you could meet them.

This 2006 British Television movie is one of the best in the family genre I have seen in some time. How could anyone resist the DVD cover but the real pleasure is on the inside. So many films like this today have the animals taking with the cgi mouths, sure it's cute but it has gotten a little old so what a wonderful surprise to see a film that uses rely on such things to still make an entertaining movie. The film is beautiful to look at, has a wonderful cast and is both funny and moving. Some younger children may find it hard to keep their attention on but for those old enough and for adults as well this is a rewarding film the entire family can watch together and that is something that is too rare nowadays. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****