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Call of the Wild

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Cast: Shane Meier,Nick Mancuso

Director(s): David Winning,Zale Dalen


Year: 2000

Rating: PG

Based on the classic novel by Jack London, Call of the Wild stakes its claim to being that rare breed of adventure series that parents and kids can enjoy together. Adapted by White Fang screenwriter David Fallon and starring Nick Mancuso, this exciting saga introduces Miles Challenger (Shane Meier), a 15-year-old boy living in an Alaskan mining town at the turn of the century, whose life changes forever when he encounters a heroic and powerful dog named Buck.

Another excellent family title, Call of The Wild is based off the Jack London novel and it follows the adventures of Buck and his human friend Miles. There is something here for everyone including action,adventure,drama,some humor and even some romance. Nick Mancuso and Shane Meier have great chemistry together and Shane works great the Buck as well. This is a family film that has everything going for it including a great script,a wonderful cast as well as a fantastic musical score and he cinematography is nothing short of breath-taking. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****