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Cast: John Fallon,Deke Richards,Claudia Jurt,Neil Napier,Kevin Kelsall

Director(s): Christian Viel


Year: 2008

Rating: N/A

Rane was an undercover cop who is now part of a bike gang, but when his gang find out about his old police days they go after him and force him to watch the brutal rape and murder of his wife who is carrying his child. What the gang forgot to do was make sure they killed him as well because he survived their attack and is now out to extract revenge.

Deaden is about as close a film to the old revenge films as you will see. This is a film that doesn't use any sub-plots or angles but instead it is a straight forward film about one man's mission to get even for the wrong that was done. Rane is played by John Fallon who also co-wrote the story. He has had starring roles in other Indie films as well as small roles in some bigger movies such as "Saw 2" and he does an excellent job here playing a a role that demands both a physical and mental challenge. Be fair-warned that Deaden is not another sugar-coated revenge film like we see released in cinemas, this is a brutal in your face thriller that grabs you by the neck and never lets up till in final climax. I do not recommend this to anyone that has a weak stomach for scenes of excessive violence or rape as the opening scene is one of the most disturbing and powerful you are ever going to see. Deaden is a low-budget film that plays much bigger because of the love and care the whole crew had in making this film. Also this is a film worth supporting, The Independent film scene is one that is turning out movies that are not only entertaining but are also original. If your a fan of the genre I highly recommend picking this film up today, it is a hard hitting revenge flick that does not disappoint. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****