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The Last Supper

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Horror Rated R. Brilliant plastic surgeon Dr. Yuji Kotorida is known as the “Hand of God” for his abilities. Famous for accomplishing the most difficult operations, he turns even the plainest of women into unparalleled beauties. However, since his earliest days at the operating table, he has been consumed by an obsession to taste human meat. When the temptation becomes too great, he steals some excess strips from a patient and smuggles them home for dinner, soon realizing that there is no greater ecstasy than breaking the taboo of eating his fellow man! Now he wants more, and a hidden restaurant tucked away in an obscure back street gives him the opportunity to taste fully the delights of human flesh. Returning home, he begins a murder spree and employs increasingly ingenious methods to ensure that his supply of meat will never run low. If any film can make cannibalism look tasty its "The Last Supper", hard to believe I know what the film just plays out that way and even has some good humor in all the right spots. The acting is very good and the ect.. was excellent as well. Fan's of Asian cinema as well as any fan of horror in general will enjoy this film as much as I did. It's another one of those rare gems you find when least expecting it making it that much more fun and I recommend to add this to your collection today. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****