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Music Within

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Cast: Ron Livingston,Melissa George,Michael Sheen,Yul Vazquez,Rebecca De Mornay,Hector Elizondo,Leslie Nielsen,Ridge Canipe,Paul Michael,Clint Jung,John Livingston

Director(s): Steven Sawalich


Year: 2007

Rating: R

Richard Pimentel, A Brilliant Public Speaker With A Troubled Past, Who Returns From Vietnam Severely Hearing-Impaired And Finds A New Purpose In His Landmark Efforts On The Behalf Of Americans With Disabilities

I didn't know much about this film based on a true story when I sat down to watch it but little did I know I was in for a treat. Amazing is one word I can use when talking about this film, Richard Pimentel was a man trying to find in calling in life when he enlisted in the army but little did he know what waited for him in war-torn Vietnam. Richard lost most of his hearing when a rocket hit the bunker him and several of his fellow soldiers were in and afterwards he came home only to have his eyes opened to the problems Vietnam vets faced trying to receive their rights. I am not going to sit here and give the entire plot away to you as that would be doing a great injustice, Music Within is a filled that must be seen to feel it's impact. The cast is terrific including Ron Livingston as Richard and Michael Sheen who plays Art, a friend and one suffering from cerebral palsy, it's Art that starts the flame burning inside Richard to get a law passed that would give anyone with disabilities their rights that that deserve. The cast is simply amazing and the story is to the point yet funny and heart-breaking at the same time. The music that was picked for the film fits each scene perfectly and boy does it take you back some years. The Director said he approached Richard about making this film after seeing one of his speeches but it still took a few years to convince him of it. I for one am glad they got this film made as it's not only important but the story of this extraordinary man needed to be told. Music Within is a film that stays with you long after it's over and one you tell your friends and family about because it was not only funny but it also touched you as well. There's also that message that we all can learn, the message of treating others for who the are and not on how the look. A magnificent film that is a must own for anyone that loves cinema. Also for a change this is one DVD worth checking out the extras on, there's a speech by the real Richard as well as deleted scenes and a making of, all of which are not to be missed. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****