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Silver Man

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Cast: Paul Popowich, Derek Hamilton, Joe Pantoliano, Daniel Baldwin, Audrey Lupke, Louise Fletcher, Eugene Levy

Director(s): Peter Foldy


Year: 2000

Rating: NR

Silver Man, an elusive street musician with a skin abnormality, plays boardwalks by day, retreating to the isolation of his apartment at night. Next door is Tivoli—a beautiful woman in a destructive relationship—to whom Silver Man is drawn. Her pathological boyfriend, Jake, owes a growing debt to pious mobster "Leon the Lion" (Eugene Levy, American Pie, For Your Consideration), avoiding death only because Leon refuses to kill before his son's bar mitzvah. As Tivoli finds herself torn between Silver Man and Jake—whose time to repay Leon is running out—the four become locked in a cutthroat game of deceit, greed, and violence…that not everyone will survive.

Silver Man is a film that plays much bigger than it deserves or at least much bigger than you would of expected. The story is about a man who has an abnormal skin problem that gives him this silver gleam, he's a street musician during the day but while at home he has fallen for the girl next door to him whose boyfriend is violent and abusive to her. The film is more a love story with some action tossed along the way. What makes the film better than it could of been is it's stellar cast including Joe Pantoliano,Daniel Baldwin,Louise Fletcher and Eugene Levy who really steals the show here. You know him from his sweet, dorky roles but his take as the Jewish gangster. I have never seen this man better and for him alone the film is worth seeing. Silver Man may not be a film for everyone but if your looking for something a bit different then this is a refreshing film that delivers on it's promise and more. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****