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Cast: Jimi Mistry, Kristin Kreuk, Neve Campbell,John Light

Director(s): Vic Sarin


Year: 2007

Rating: R

Determined to leave the ravages of war behind, 38 year old Gian Singh resigns from the British Indian Army to a quiet life. His world is soon thrown in turmoil, when he suddenly finds himself responsible for the life of a 17 year old girl, traumatized by the events that separated her from her family. Before long Gian finds himself falling in love with the vulnerable Naseem and and she too begins to feel the same. A story of love and trying to survive in a land full of hate.

Set in India during the partition of Indian and Pakistand in 1947, Director/Writer, Vic Sarin, has not only create a wonderful love story here but also a social comment that seems like it could be ripped from today's headlines, the death that "religion" has brought to many parts of the world. You could easily called this a modern spin on "Romeo and Juliet" and if some ways it is but there's much more going on here than just the love story. The film has taken some what of a beating for it's use of American actor's in roles that don't suit them, like with Kristin Kreuk playing the lead Muslim girl and Neve Campbell playing a British Indian. But not only do these fine actresses succeed in their roles but the entire cast is fantastic. The film is beautiful to look at, tis is some of the best cinematography I have seen in recent memory. Partition is a moving love story but it also tells a tale of an important time in history, woven together to make a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. This is easily one of the better movies in it's genre to come out in some time and one worth owning for any fan of drama. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. **** Out Of *****

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