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Cast: Bill Steele,Lizzy Strain,Ron Fitzgerald,Eva Derek

Director(s): John Lechago


Year: 2008

Rating: R

In a mysterious world of magic, a hard-luck wizard named Felix finds himself facing the ultimate foe,one who could spell doom for his secret society. The Magus is an evil wizard consumed with killing to strengthen his power. With this dark lord's nefarious mission of murder threatening the sorcerers' world, it's up to the unlikely Felix to uphold the Wizard's Code and save his society from destruction.

Film's based on magic and wizards have always been popular, some have been big budget productions while other like Magus have been shot on a limited budget as well as a short time to get the film made. Magus is sort of a "Harry Potter" for adults, you have the good guy vs. bad guy theme but you also have a more mature story here as well as having some nudity as well. Like any film Magus is not without it's flaws but I felt Director John Lechago did a great job with what he had to work with and he got the most out of his cast as well. The film has it's share of blood as well but it's not overly used which I felt was a sort of bonus in a way and it kept you more into what the film was about and it enhanced the film rather than taking away from it. MTI has always had a knack for hiding films few have heard of yet they turn out to be something you wish you might of seen earlier. Fan's of gore might be a bit let down by the lack thereof but make no mistake Magus is an entertaining film with a solid cast and some very good special effects which makes this a must for any fan of the genre. Released by MTI Home Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****

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