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Cast:Poppy Montgomery,Adam Kaufman,Jose Yenque,Danny Pino

Director: David Ocanas

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Year: 2005

Rating: NR

Nadine, a beautiful lawyer from Chicago, travels alone to Tijuana, Mexico in search of her missing sister. Her investigation presents unsettling encounters leading her on a mind-bender as she attempts to unravel the compelling truth.

I have not seen a film like this since the Sixth Sense, from it's opening scenes it's begins to lay pieces of this giant puzzle before you and as each is presented you are drawn into the film, you become a part of it's mystery. The plot unfolds slowly, allowing the viewer time to collect what clues they can get from it as possible before moving on. I must admit this is a film that requires more than one viewing to really get the most out of it.Director David Ocanas deserves credit for making an intelligent film filled with mystery,thrills and love shot against some beautiful scenery in Mexico. Between is a film worth seeing and telling friends and family about so later you can all talk about it for hours, a thinking man's film that challenges it's audience, I can't recommend this movie enough. The cast was excellent as including Poppy Montgomery as the woman in search of her missing sister. The film brings you to the edge of your seat and it's ending knocks you back again and drops your mouth down. I don't think I have seen a film this intelligent and thought-provoking, own this DVD today. Released by Porch Light Entertainment. ***** Out Of ****

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