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Zombies Gone Wild

Horror/Comedy NR. Three guys, Marty, Randy, and Leroy go on a spring break road trip in the hopes of becoming men and finding the year's crop of spring break hotties. They get a hell of a lot more than they bargained for when the girls of their dreams become their worst nightmare. The trio ends up wishing that they were only in hell as they go on the ride of their lives! At times, startling funny and others, downright frightening, ZOMBIES GONE WILD will have the guys wishing they never went looking for some action. This is one of those film's to have a beer bash with, let's say a low budget Indie flick that's a cross between American Pie and any zombie flick you can think of. I know this is bad but if you take it for what it is you will find it entertaining at least. Hell everything is bad about it from acting on down but the film doesn't try and take itself serious and that's why it is a fun flick cause you know the entire cast and crew were having a laugh as well making this film, it had to be as much fun as anyone can have filming a movie and it shows. I can recommend this on the camp and cheese factor and for those that enjoy that kinda film I suggest you pick this title up today. Released by Westlake Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****