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The Island on Bird Street

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Cast:Patrick Bergin,Jack Warden,Michael Byrne,Jordan Kiziuk

Director: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

Genre: Drama/War

Year: 1997

Rating: PG-13

Amidst the Nazi occupation of Poland, 11-year old Alex is separated from his family and finds shelter in an abandoned house. Kept company by a mouse and comforted by his father's promise to find him, Alex finds strength by reading Robinson Crusoe. With a loft as his secret-hideaway home base, Alex puts his survival skills to the test while dodging the Nazis.

There's good reason this is an award winning film, from it's fantastic story of a young Jewish boy trying to survive alone during Nazi occupation of Poland, you see this grim world through the eyes of this young boy, you feel hardships as well as his courage and his determination to survive, waiting for his dad to return. Jordan Kiziuk is magnificent as Alex, he won several awards for his role and the film is worth seeing if only for his superb performance. The film itself draws you the viewer into this world of sadness from it's opening frames and it never lets you go till the final frame. The film also makes you think long after it's over and you will want to tell you family and friends about it as well. If you can find the book I highly recommend picking it up as well. The Island on Bird Street is a film that plays on your emotions and it does it very successfully and that's what any great film will do. I cannot recommend picking this DVD up more, it's not a an entertaining film but it's also an important film as well and one that maybe should be shwon in our schools to all the students. Released by First Look Studios. ***** Out Of *****