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The Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine:Unrated

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Cast:Bela B. Felsenheimer,Don Stewart,James Matthews-Pyecka

Director: Olaf Ittenbach

Genre: Horror

Year: 2003

Rating: Unrated

On Christmas evening, all members of the Verlaine Commune are brutally massacred by a mysterious killer. The sole survivor of the tragedy is Verlaine's young daughter Rebecca, who is seriously wounded and falls into a long coma. After a few years Rebecca awakes but her mind has blocked all past memories. Adopted by her aunt and uncle and thinking them to be her parents, the horrible truth is kept from her. Ten years later, just when Rebecca thinks her life is wonderful and she seemingly has the perfect relationship, strange visions begin to haunt her as the dead are seeking revenge.

Writer/Director Olaf Ittenbach is a master of horror and gore and this is a film he really let loose on ans supplies a amount of gore that could fill two movies up. Also this has to be his most mainstream film to date so this will appeal to a much larger audience of horror films. The story is pretty straight forward but there's enough character development and substance to hold your interest through the first 30 minutes or so till the real horror kicks in. This is a in-your-face horror film that is not afraid to load up on the gore and the effects are extremely well done. The cast is a bit weak in spots but that's to be expected from a low budget feature but the leads all do a good job. MTI Home Video has always come up with these little gems that you never heard of before and this is no exception. Olaf Ittenbach really knows how to make a horror film and I can only hope someone finally takes a good look at his work and decides to give this man a real budget to work off of. If your a fan of splatter films I suggest you own this DVD today,The Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine is one of the best in it's genre to come along in some time, a fun, blood-letting ride that truly entertains. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****