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A Simple Promise

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Cast:Layla Kayleigh, Wallace Demarria, Ella Joyce, Alana Ethridge

Director: Earnest Harris

Genre: Drama/Romance

Year: 2008

Rating: N/A

Madison is a singer looking her her big break, in the mean time she makes ends meet by working at a local diner, Marcus is a artist also looking for a way to success. By chance their two lives cross when Marcus enters the diner and they begin a romantic relationship. They make a pact together that whoever hits it big first the other will drop their dreams to support the other's success, but after Madison has a baby and her career takes off the relationship begins to crumble. Both will learn some very hard lessons and a twist of fate will turn Madison's life around and make her see what not only is important in life but also that love can be so strong it can reach you from places you never knew it could.

the film star's Layla Kayleigh(MTV) and Wallace Demarria as a young couple trying to make their dreams come true while holding their marriage and family together. The film packs a lot of emotion and it draws you into the film as if you were living their lives with them. The script is well-written and it shows just what can happen when fame enters someone life, the problems it cause not only effected Marcus but their daughter as well. This was an enjoyable Urban Drama with a solid cast and a story that is both inspirational and heart-breaking at the same time. Any fan of drama and romance will enjoy this film and Layla Kayleigh is as talented as she is beautiful, she lights up the screen in every frame she is in. I highly recommend this film to any fan of drama .Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****