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Cast:Steven Chester Prince,Eliza Swenson,Lee Tergesen,Skye McCole Bartusiak,John O'Connell

Director: Damian Skinner

Genre: Drama

Year: 2006

Rating: R

Andrew seems to be a happy man with a great job, a beautiful wife and and wonderful daughter but one day when he comes home early from work he finds his wife in bed with another man, the shock from all this sends him on a downward spiral. After going to a strip club he meets a Kenny and Crystal, an exotic dancer with problems of her own but things go from bad to worse for Andrew when she introduces him to a her world of booze,drugs and experimental sex that slowly takes the remaining like he had away from him.

Pineapple gets it's name from a "safe" word Crystal comes up with so they know when enough is enough during their nights of sex that pushes the limits. I was really impressed with this drama from it's direction to the film's cast. Steven Chester Prince is fantastic as Andrew, he does an excellent job at displaying his character's emotional problems as well as his physical habits and Eliza Swenson is as beautiful as she is talented and she really shows her acting chops here as Crystal. This is a film that is not only real and depressing but it also sends a message on just how far down one can go when getting mixed up with not only bad habits and addiction but with the wrong people as well. Credit goes out to Director Damian Skinner and Writer John O'Connell for not taking such a serious subject matter and taking the easy out, this is a not a film that you will film sugar-coated, instead you get a raw,powerful film and not only entertains but is also thought-provoking. If you like a good drama then Pineapple is one worth picking up today. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****