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The Thirst

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Horror NR. A woman dying of a terminal illness discovers that the only way to save herself may be death itself. The Thirst off with a bloody beginning and then switches to a couple who have had drug problems in the past but truly love one another, But Lisa is dying of cancer and before long she decides to end it all after which is is recruited by a band of vampires only yo later have Maxx join her and things will never be the same. This film claims to be "Requiem for a Dream meets Near Dark" and in alot of ways it does share those two film's ideas but lets not sell this film short as being a rip-off. The Thirst brings it's own ideas to the table as well as some great special effects and one of the bloodiest films I have seen in some time. The cast was fantastic including Matt Keeslar and Clare Kramer as Maxx and Lisa and Jeremy Sisto as the evil clan leader Darius was again excellent as always. The Thirst takes a over-done genre and makes it new with it's original ideas,direction and cast. This is a must own for any fan of vampire film's or horror in general and the DVD comes with some nice bonus features including:

Audio Commentary with Director Jeremy Kasten

Deleted Scenes, Also on DVD, Full Motion Menues, DVD-ROM Script

Favorite Vampire Movies Featurette

Photo Gallery (includes production sketches)

The Thirst Making of Documentary

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****