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Cast: Nicholas Gonzalez (Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid, Behind Enemy Lines II, TV’s "Resurrection Boulevard" “Ugly Betty”), Ricardo Chavira (TV’s “Desperate Housewives” “Monk” “The George Lopez Show” “JAG” “Six Feet Under”), Mario Cimarro (Romeo & Juliet

Director(s): Jeff Crook

Genre: Action

Year: 2007

Rating: R

Trane, a decorated war hero just shipped home to the States from Afghanistan after the brutal murder of his wife and child back in Rockaway, Queens. After arriving home he begins looking for answers, he stumbles into an old friend that tells about the new kind of crime and prostitution that is going on and how his wife tried to stop which led to her death as well as the death of his son. Sorrow soon turns to revenge as Trane is determined to bring down all that are responsible for this act one by one.

After watching this I was surprised to see a lot of bad reviews going around on this film. Sure the story is a pretty simple one and the acting is average but you don't really watch a film like Rockaway for those two, you watch it for the action and violence and if ever there was a film that delivers on it's promise Rockaway has to be it. The film is brutal and the violence never slows down till the last climax. The story involves Trane, a man bent of bringing down a Russian mob, the mob leader is played by Oleg Taktarov and let me time you that you can't play a role any better than this. Nicholas Gonzalez plays Trane, is role demands not only a lot of physical work but emotional as well and he rose to the occasion bringing a lot of character to Trane. Rockaway is going to win many awards but for what the film offers it's solid entertainment that at times has you on the edge of your seat rooting him on as he takes down bad guy after bad guy. I liked the use of cgi used in the film as well, with some of the brutal killings that happen I am sure it was also necessary. Rockaway took be back to days of such revenge film's as "Death Wish" and "Exterminator" it also gave you a "Rambo" like feel, so anyone that enjoys those kinda films will be wanting to pick this movie up today, Rockaway is an action-packed film that is highly enjoyable. Released by First Look Studios. **** Out Of *****