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Dead Cool

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Cast: Anthony Calf,Imogen Stubbs,Steven Geller,Liz Smith,Rosanna Arquette

Director(s): David Cohen

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2004

Rating: R

When his mom decides to move in with her new boyfriend (Anthony Calf) and his wacky family, 15-year-old David can't help but wish that his father who died in a car crash six years earlier could come back and stir things up in his newly blended brood.

If you ever wondered what it might be like to be forced into an extended family years after the death of a parent this is a film to see. Played for laughs this film sets up joke after joke with hilarious results. When I seen the trailer I wasn't very impressed but let me tell you it does the film no justice, Dead Cool is a feel good movie that delivers on all fronts. The film has a wonderful cast including Anthony Calf, Imogen Stubbs and Steven Geller but Liz Smith, as always, is the scene stealer. Let's not forget Rosanna Arquette as the self-help guru and ex-wife that always has an opinion, Rosanna is as funny and sexy as always. Plot wise there isn't much more to tell about and even if there was this is one of those film's that just comes together on all fronts and is much better seen rather then being told about. If your looking for a nice little light-hearted comedy with some excellent actors then you need to pick up this up today. Dead Cool is a ghost of a good time. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****