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Mega Snake

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Cast: Michael Shanks, Michael Yannai,Mathew Atherton,Siri Baruc

Director(s): Tibor Takács

Genre: Sci-Fi

Year: 2008

Rating: R

Fearful of snakes from a young age, Les Daniels, (Michael Shanks) carries the phobia into adulthood, which is starting to affect his relationship with Erin, (Siri Baruc) his girlfriend. His brother Duff, (John T. Woods) brings home an incredibly poisonous snake kept inside a small jar that soon gets loose and begins growing bigger. Taking out the members of the town one-by-one, while no one notices the disappearances, he deices to try to get his relationship back together. Finally noticing the disappearances around his house, he starts to suspect that a snake could be behind it when animals start turning up dead or missing. Finally convinced that a giant, supernatural snake is behind the attacks, the remaining townspeople band together to fight off the snake before it kills the entire town.

This is another SciFi Channel original movie and yes there's been many film's dealing with some sort of giant reptile but you know what your getting into before watching them so most should be at least funny if nothing else. Mega Snake is one of the better movies in this genre for a few reasons, one being the whole snake concept, this snake not being your normal snake but being a mystical snake that not only grows outside it's original jar of water but also it's looks and it's ways of killing, all of which make this much more interesting. The CGI was about what you can expect from a made for television movie, nothing great but it got the job none. The cast was very good, Michael Shanks is a fine actor and played his part well. Ben Cardinal was also very good as well as the rest of the cast. You either like these sort of campy films or you don't so if you do not like this sort of ting do not pick this title up but if you enjoy these then Mega Snake is an entertainment romp that you are sure to enjoy. Released by First Look Studios. *** 1/2 Out Of *****