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The Secret Things of God

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Cast: Dr. Henry Cloud,Dr. Drew

Director(s): Jay Silverman

Genre: Religious/Family

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

Noted author and psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud (Boundaries) explores the Judeo-Christian perspective on The Secret phenomenon, revealing age-old truths about the powerful attraction that exists between God and the creation whom He loves. Unlock the secrets of spiritual fulfillment with the help of celebrated authorities from a variety of professional and medical specialties: Dr. Drew Pinsky of the syndicated radio show "Loveline"; Cathy Hughes, Chairwoman of Radio One; Warren Boyd, an Extreme Interventionist; Cristina Ferrare, Bestselling Author and additional spiritual leaders who provide insights from both Christian and Jewish viewpoints. Filled with revelations, The Secret Things of God will show you how to ignite the power of His love in your own life and to discover true happiness. Discover the spiritual realities that make life work: true joy, inner peace, sustaining hope and powerful purpose.

Dealing religion is like politics in that it is bound to stir up conversation of some kind, some times good productive talk while other times it creates hostile feelings among those talking but everyone seems to have an opinion. Dr. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist, uses several Old and New Testament scriptures in his lectures and uses Scripture references very well in getting his point across but there's more to all this as well. Besides the religious aspect of all this there is also some very good pointers or lessons to learned from a more personal side as well like how to choose someone you are going to have a better relationship with and how to find that special something you can do better than most people and focusing on that as a career. This would be a good DVD for anyone that has some religious belief, you do not need to be Christian to get something out of it and perhaps make yourself a better person. The DVD has appearances by people whose life have been changed and by people such as Dr.Drew lending his expertise in the field as well. Certainly this has a target audience and for those of you that think you fit then I highly recommend picking this DVD up today, if nothing else you will find some what I would cal good "pointers" to just many make your life more enjoyable. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****