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The Perfect Witness

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Cast: Wes Bentley, Mark Borkowski, Joanne Baron, Beth Grant, Kenny

Director(s): Thomas Dunn

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2007

Rating: R

Mickey (Wes Bentley) is about to get his big break as an amateur filmmaker . . . from a serial killer who turns him and his camera into THE PERFECT WITNESS. This action-packed psychological thriller takes you into the twisted depths of brutality at its worst. As a struggling young filmmaker, Mickey accidentally stumbles upon a notorious serial killer, James Lemac (Mark Borkowski), and catches one of his murders on film. Believing he can captured the ultimate reality show, Mickey contacts Lemac and sets a face to face to make the serial killer simple offer; Lemac is to be the subject of his new documentary or the grisly murder footage goes straight to the cops. Lemac gives in to the blackmail. What follows is an exhausting and psychological game of cat and mouse between filmmaker and subject. As the lines of blackmail continually shift back and forth, Mickey must ultimately confront the darkest side of not only the killerís nature, but his own.

The serial killer genre has been done over so many times you often wonder how any new ones can be entertaining anymore but The Perfect Witness is a wonderful surprise and a film that breathes new life into a old genre. Shot in a documentary type style which really puts you in the film, it's as if you are standing there next to the characters which really makes all that's going on even more dramatic. The film is original and clever, it's plot twists change without notice and it keeps you at the edge of your seating waiting to see what happens next.Wes Bentley is fantastic as Mickey, a amateur filmmaker that stumbles onto a serial killing as it happens but instead of turning the man in he decides he wants to find out just what drives someone like this to do such horrible things. The killer is played by Mark Borkowski who really brings out his character in a way that you almost feel sorry for him, both actors show great chemistry together which really makes the film believable. There's so much going on in the film that if I gave too much away I would ruin this great cinema experience for you so I will leave the plot alone. This is Thomas Dunn's first time at being behind the camera and let me say this might be a hard film to follow up on because this is so good. The film's success comes from maybe areas but what's really important here is it steps outside the Hollywood state of mind and instead it creates a film that is riveting,original and very unpredictable making this a film that any fan of the genre should not miss. A disturbing yet captivating film. Released by First Look Studios. ***** Out Of *****