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Carver Unrated: The Grisly Edition

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Cast: Kristyn Green,Savannah Costello,Natasha Malinsky,Matt Carmody,Ursula Taherian,Stephen Rogers

Director(s): Franklin Guerrero Jr.

Genre: Horror

Year: 2008

Rating: Unrated

Based on true events, Carver tells the tale of five friends on a short camping trip in the mountain town of Halcyon Ridge. When they take a small detour to an abandoned farm owned by the Carver family, they fumble onto a horror film they think is only a movie. As they explore their eerie surroundings, they discover the truth behind the film and the Carver family. They begin to open doors that should never have been opened. Soon, it becomes a matter of life imitating art and art imitating death. Witness one of the most terrifying killing sprees ever to splash on screen. As you scream and cringe,you'll wonder what the Carvers will do next.

As far as low--budget horror movies go or horror movies period you are not going to find any more gory and in your face as this one. As the film opens it says that it's based on a true story, I could not find anything that backs that up but who cares really as it's a slasher film and a damn good one at that. The acting for the most part is very good considering the budget and the pacing of the film was done very well, starting off with a bang then slowing down and building the story up a bit before hitting you hard with extreme gore and violence. This is not a film for anyone with a weak stomach, the infamous "scene" in the film everyone is talking about is simply disturbing as it gets. Carver makes "Hostel" look like a kids show, I have to say as a fan of horror and gore this was a highly entertaining film, in a sick kinda way but this is what a horror movie should be all about and not some PG-13 watered-down Hollywood production. Here's to Director Franklin Guerrero Jr. for making a no-holds-barred film for true horror fans. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****