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You Move You Die

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Cast: Ketzal Sterling, Julian Harrison, Patrick Clarke, Jonathan Allen, Simon Prast, Bruce Hopkins, Sarah Sanford

Director(s): Ketzal Sterling

Genre: Action/Comedy

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Mike has the girl, the time and the place. The problem is he doesn't have the ring. Before Mike has an opportunity to propose he is beaten up and his engagement ring is stolen. Mike is desperate to recover it. He and his friends have one hour to get the ring back and make the date with his "beloved" Emma before all is lost. It is not long before it is revealed that Mike and his friends are not all that they seem. You move you die is a dark comedy filmed with a real time story.

What I liked about this film compared to most of the other British gangster type movies is this one is much different in both the style it's filmed in and the even the comedy is more universal. Many British film's lose their humor outside their own territory but this one is both funny and fresh. You move is filmed in a "real time" style that gives it that extra edge and it also has a fantastic soundtrack but I think the music is too loud at times and could of benefited by being a bit lower in certain scenes. The film itself starts off kinda slow and you begin to think "not another of these" but it quickly turns into a fun, fast paced film that has plenty of action as well as humor and enough twists to keep you entertained all the way up to it's surprise ending which I felt really took this one another level. The cast is great and the jokes are down right hilarious at times,heck the movie is worth seeing for the dry cleaners scene alone. I have found that British cinema to me has always been a hit and miss thing but this one, filmed in Auckland, New Zealand hit all the right notes and will be one that many of you will enjoy as it's got a bit of everything in it all wrapped up in a high octane film that delivers. Congrats to Director Ketzal Sterling for making one of the most enjoyable British films I have seen in some time. The DVD comes with Special Features that include: Special Feature(s)

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Closed Captioned


Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****