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Sands of Oblivion

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Director(s): DAVID FLORES.

Genre: Action/Adventure

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

In 1923 legendary film director Cecil B. DeMille finished the epic film The Ten Commandments (1923). After filming was completed, he bulldozed the sets into the Guadalupe Sand Dunes of the central California coast. Hi reasons for doing so were very mysterious. This story gives an explanation as to why he did it. There was actually a legitimate Egyptian artifact amongst the props but they didn't know which one was trapping the spirit of an Egyptian avenging god. Mysterious murders and accidents while making the film brings things back to the surface today and it starts all over again.

The Sci-Fi Channel has made a lot of films some very bad while others being just plain fun in a bad kinda way. Sands falls mainly into the latter, sure it's got it's moments of making no sense and cheesy effects but that's half the fun of watching these movies in the first place. I enjoyed the film's made idea and feel it brought something new to the table and the cast including Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin(who also worked together before on "Firefly") did a film job here. Morena is just plain beautiful and Adam really seems to enjoy hamming it up on screen and it this role it makes the film that much more fun. The film is not without it's problems but considering the source here you know to over-look such things. I found the first half to be the most entertaining, the second half of the film seemed a little rushed maybe but for the most part I thought it was a enjoyable movie with some decent effects, humor and some nice blood as well. Fan's of such films as "The Mummy" and "Raiders of The Lost Ark" will want to give this one a shot, his is one of the interesting films the channel has produced. Also it's great to see Academy AwardŽ winner George Kennedy on screen again. The film also contains additional footage not seen in it's original broadcast and the special features on the DVD include a interesting "Making Of" as well

Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****