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Nerd Boy

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Cast:Racquia West,Tyrell Ellis,Jah Shams

Director(s): Crystal Burdette

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2008

Rating: N/A

When the neighborhood hottie, DeDe (Racquia West), gets dumped by her beau (Tyrell Ellis), all the guys line up for a chance to win her heart in this laugh-out-loud urban comedy directed by Crystal Burdette. Does the local dweeb (Jah Shams) who wears his grandmother's sweaters and holds his glasses together with tape stand a chance?

Nerd Boy is a Urban comedy that successes pretty well despite it's obvious low budget. The acting ranges from good to pretty bad but the bad is mostly from the extra's and not fro the lead actors. Jah Shams does a great job playing the local nerd who has a thing for DeDe who up until now has never really noticed him much, but who has really? Racquia West is very good as DeDe and she shows some nice chemistry with Shams. The film is light-hearted fun and has some funny moments, the story is predictable but we know what we are getting here anyway and at least it's fun and never boring. I found this to be a sweet comedy that offers up some good laughs on a Indie budget and it seemed to me the cast and crew had fun making this film, I enjoyed the bloopers at the end of the film as well. I found this entertaining and was never boring and that is something I cannot say about a lot of the big budget comedies out there so credit goes to Director Crystal Burdette. If you are a fan of Urban comedy or just like a movie that makes you feel good pick this title up today. Released by Maverick Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****