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To Kill a King

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Cast: Tim Roth,Dougray Scott,Rupert Everett,Olivia Williams

Director(s): Mike Barker

Genre: Historical/Drama

Year: 2003

Rating: NR

1645: After years of civil war, King Charles I is overthrown and two heroes have emerged Lord General Thomas Fairfax and his best friend and deputy General Oliver Cromwell. Their friendship is threatened when Fairfax and his wife conspire to return the King to power, and Cromwell instead orders his execution, seizing control. His armies spread violence and fear throughout the country, and Fairfax realizes Cromwell must be stopped, and their bond as two comrades-at-arms irreparably broken.

Back when this film was being made the production problems were well known in the UK and afterwards the film was not treated very well in the press so I did not know what to expect here. One thing I did know is it had a stunning cast and this retelling of the troubled relationship between Lord Fairfax and his deputy Oliver Cromwell in the aftermath of the English Civil War also seemed very interesting to me. They did not have the budget they really wanted here but Director Mike Barker did a great job with what he had to work with and the film itself,settings,costumes are look great. The cast is excellent, Tim Roth is fantastic as Cromwell and Dougray Scott was excellent as Sir Thomas Fairfax. The support cast were all very good as well including Rupert Everett and the beautiful Olivia Williams and the story is well-told and it has a brisk pace that is sure to entertain any fan of Historical films. The film may not be very accurate in it's detail of what happened but none the less this was a film I found to be very enjoyable and I think anyone that loves a good period piece will also enjoy this as well. Released by Union Station Media. *** 1/2 Out Of *****