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Dark Chamber

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Cast: Eric Conley,Felissa Rose,Mark Love,Dave Campfield,Brenda Abbandandolo,Fred DeReau

Director(s): Dave Campfield

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller

Year: 2007

Rating: R

Justin has moved back with his father after dealing with his mother and her problems for 10 years. But he doesn't remember the old being the way it is now, seems his father has renovated the old place and split it into multiple apartments with some very questionable tenants. After a dead body shows up on his property it is suspected to be the work of a cult named "The Black Circle". Justin with help from his friend decide to put his neighbors on video surveillance, but the more he watches the closer the danger gets to him.

Based off the true story that took place in Northport, Long Island in 1984, a few High School dropouts formed a cult named the Knights of the Black Circle. Two of its members, who were both heavily involved in drugs, brutally murdered one of their friends when he refused to profess allegiance to Satan. Their story became the basis of the book, "Say You Love Satan". Incidentally, the exteriors of the Besler house were shot in Northport, only one block away from the crime scene itself. Writer/Director Dave Campfield cast himself as the lead in his own film and it paid off big time, this man has talent in front and behind the camera. The film has a Hitchcock style well still remaining original. It's proves right more and more today that Independent films are the ones to see if your looking for a story that is rich, filmed on video a budget of around $30,000 Campfield manages to make this movie like it was made for much more. There's many characters and a lot happening and the amazing thing is how it all falls nicely together in the end. The cast was very good, providing characters that you believe in and care about, also the camera work is fantastic, the shots of the house from outside really set that creepy mood the film is looking for. Dark Chamber is a film filled with murder and mystery and it is a film that provides great atmosphere and suspense while keeping you glued to the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. It's hard to believe that on such a budget a film can be so thought-provoking and riveting, Director Dave Campfield may be a pretty darn good actor but he's also a Director worth keeping your eye out for. This is a film that was made by a group of people that believed in the script and in themselves and it paid off on screen. Fan's of the genre will not want to miss this one. Released by Shock-O-Rama Cinema. ***** Out Of *****