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Bone Dry

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Cast: Lance Henriksen,Luke Goss,Tiny Lister,Dee Wallace-Stone

Director(s): Brett A. Hart

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2007

Rating: R

It seems Eddie has a past and it's about to catch up with him. Forced at gunpoint by a man he cannot see he is taken into the Mojave desert by Jimmy, a man looking for revenge and he came prepared with a rifle and scope, walkie-talkies and a truck. He will force Eddie to walk north for walks, setting traps along the way and pushing him beyond any man's limits.

The story is simple but the execution is flawless, just when you think the film might begin to get boring another twist is tossed it to spark new life into it. Lance Henriksen has always been one of my favorite actors and his role here finds him in his best character since "Near Dark", this man just demands attention in each frame he is in. Luke Goss is also very good here as Eddie and is very believable in scenes that demand a lot of emotion. The remaining cast is few but the extra characters thrown into the movie help keep the movie interesting. The pacing is brisk and the cinematography is breath-taking beautiful and plays like an extra character in the film and not just a setting. It's the acting that is the film's driving force and the cast is at the top of their game here, I am not going to go into the plot anymore as I feel this is a film to see and not to be ruined by spoilers here but this is one of those movies that keeps you glued to it wanting to see what happens next and waiting to find what happens at the end, that is the sign of a great film. Bone Dry is a taut and suspenseful film that keeps you at the edge of your seat and after it's over leaves you wanting more. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Deleted Scenes with Commentary

Making of

Commentary with Brett A. Hart and Lance Henriksen and More

Released by Allumination FilmWorks. **** Out Of *****