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Cast: Nicholas D'Agosto, Cheryl White, Leighton Meester, Kevin Kilner

Director(s): Jeff Mahler

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2006

Rating: N/A

Alex has a disturbing hobby of following strangers...until one night he gets caught. Instead of calling the police, the couple are fascinated by Alex's resemblance to their dead son so they ask him to stay, but soon Alex finds himself trapped in a horrifying existence of desperation, despair, and insanity.

Right off the bat you might think this is a rip-off of "Misery" and it some ways it is similar but this also stands on it's own as a solid film. This is Director Jeff Mahler's first attempt at a feature film which he also wrote and produced and if this is a hint of what is to come from this talented man I cannot wait to see what is next. Filmed on a low budget the film gets it's strength from the strong writing and the atmosphere and suspense that it slowly builds as the film moves along. Inside is a bit like "Misery" in the fact that it's about someone being held against their will and the cast was pretty impressive to say the least. Nicholas D'Agosto is fantastic as the young man whose bad habits finally catch up with him, his subtle acting here is excellent. Also Leighton Meester is very good as well as his new friend and maybe the only person that can save him, each time she is on screen she lights it up, not only a talent but beautiful as well. The highlight of the film's cast belongs to Cheryl White as the woman whose loss creates a world that borders on insanity, she makes you not only feel sorry and grieve for her but it also makes you fear her as well,she is simply amazing here. I was looking forward to sitting down to watch this film but wasn't really expecting much but what I got was one of the best Psychological Thrillers I have seen in some time. I have to say that I could not find anything wrong with this film, the writing,directing,acting,cinematography and even the film's score were all perfectly blended together to make for a highly suspenseful and entertaining film that I recommend owning today. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Director's Commentary

Closed Captioned


Released by Echo Bridge Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****